This project is aimed at providing technical guides on various hacking topics:
  • 🟢
    Active Directory (80% done)
  • 🟡
    Web services (60% done)
  • 🟠
    Systems & services (5% done)
  • 🟠
    Evasion (AV, EDR, ...) (25% done)
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    Intelligence gathering (0% done)
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    Physical intrusion (0% done)
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    Social engineering (0% done)
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    Phishing (0% done)
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    Mobile apps (0% done)
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    Binary exploitation (0% done)
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    Code analysis (0% done)
  • ...
Cheatsheets are huge resources, but they sometimes lack simplicity or on the contrary they don't give any context or explanation. This is not a cheatsheets project. Everything here will be verified, tested, and not only copy-pasted from I don't know where.
Keep in mind that these guides are maintained by non-omniscient security enthusiasts in their spare time. You will probably find things missing or mistakes and writing all this takes time.
Please feel free to contribute, give feedback/suggestions or reach out to me on Twitter (@_nwodtuhs), Discord (Shutdown#2539), IRL or whatever you feel appropriate.
Feel free to show your support by donating: Ko-fi (one time donation), Patreon (monthly)
Almost every tool mentioned in theses notes is installed, and sometimes pre-configured, in Exegol, a community-driven hacking environment, powerful and yet simple enough to be used by anyone in day to day engagements. Exegol is the best solution to deploy powerful hacking environments securely, easily, professionally.
Fyi, some parts of the project are written with the help of the ChatGPT AI model.


I work at Capgemini and thank them for allocating some time to develop and maintain The Hacker Recipes! Visit Capgemini website at