RODC Golden tickets


With administrative access to an RODC, it is possible to dump all the cached credentials, including those of thekrbtgt_XXXXX account. The hash can be used to forge a "RODC golden ticket" for any account in the msDS-RevealOnDemandGroup and not in the msDS-NeverRevealGroup attributes of the RODC. This ticket can be presented to the RODC or any accessible standard writable Domain Controller to request a Service Ticket (ST).

When presenting a RODC golden ticket to a writable (i.e. standard) Domain Controller, it is not worth crafting the PAC because it will be recalculated by the writable Domain Controller when issuing a service ticket (ST).


For the moment, from UNIX-like systems no tool is available to only forge a RODC Golden Ticket.

The secret ingredient for making an RODC golden ticket viable is including the correct key version number in the kvno field of the ticket.

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