Web infrastructure



shodan : net:"SUBNET/MASK"

zoomeye : IP/MASK


Get the DNS servers, their records, and map the domain: -https://dnsdumpster.com/ IP énumération + response header from domain name: -https://zoomeye.org Find subdomains: -https://findsubdomains.com Find technologies used and versions of a webapp: -https://github.com/urbanadventurer/WhatWeb

Website caching platforms: -https://archive.org/ -https://archive.fo/

Google Analytics:

  • The last piece of information that is really interesting is to check if the same Google Analytics / Adsense ID is used in several websites. This technique was discovered in 2015 and is well described here by Bellingcat.

  • Certificats?

Using Google Dorks to find subdomains

# find subdomains

# without www and subd1
site:"something.com" -www -subd1

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