🍔Burger du seigneur


El famoso "Burger de seigneur" is the ultimate meal after successfully completing an engagement. This meal was created in "montceau-les-mines" in 2022 by famous (not really) french head cook "Toma".

The requirements for this meal are as follow (for 3 attackers):

  • 32 slices of bacon (320 g) 🥓

  • 24 slices of cheddar 🧀

  • 6 slices of lard

  • 600 g of minced meat

  • 3 tablespoon of flour

  • 25 g of butter 🧈

  • 750 ml of semi-skimmed milk 🥛

  • 3 hamburger bun

  • 1 red onion 🧅

  • sauces (ketchup/burger/mustard)

  • 1 tomato 🍅

  • 1.6 kg of french fries 🍟

  • "Une bonne grosse dose de talent"

This meal can overflow ones calorie counter. Acquiring the necessary elements for this recipe can then be conducted by bike in order to balance all that.


Bacon and french fries

The oven must be preheated at 220°C. The french fries and bacon can then be cooked in it.

Cheddar Bechamel

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in the flour and cook, stirring constantly, until the paste cooks and bubbles a bit, but don't let it brown.

The milk can then be added, continuing to stir as the sauce thickens. Once all the milk has been poured, the cheddar slices can be added.

It has to look a bit like dough

The steak

The steak can be created with one of two methods:

  • Classic: 200g steaks made out of mince meat

  • "Steak du seigneur": 200g steaks made out of a kneaded mixture (meat, ketchup, minced red onion, cayenne pepper, provencal herbs)

The steaks can be cooked in a pan along with the lard. 2 slices of cheddar should be added right before the end of the cooking.

Ingredients, assemble!

The various preparations can be assembled.

  • Burger: bottom bun, a little bit of sauce, a tomato slice, the steak, the lard and the top bun.

  • Fries: the fries, cheddar on top, and slices bacon

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