Responder ⚙️

Responder (Python) is a great tool for LLMNR, NBTNS, MDNS poisoning and WPAD spoofing but it can also be used in "analyze" modes.
  • BROWSER mode: inspect Browse Service messages and map IP addresses with NetBIOS names
  • LANMAN mode: passively map domain controllers, servers and workstations joined to a domain with the Browser protocol (see this).
  • LLMNR, NBTNS, MDNS modes: inspect broadcast and multicast name resolution requests
The following command will enable the analyze modes and will give interesting information like
  • Domain Controller, SQL servers, workstations
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  • Windows versions in used
  • The "enabled" or "disabled" state of protocols like LLMNR, NBTNS, MDNS, LANMAN, BROWSER
responder --interface "eth0" --analyze
responder -I "eth0" -A
Last modified 1yr ago