🍌Banana & chocolate cake


The banana, chocolate, oatmeal and peanut butter cake is the ultimate reward after owning a system or company. Its composition features simple yet powerful elements.

The following elements are needed for this recipe to work (for 2 to 3 attackers):

  • 2 bananas 🍌

  • 55g of peanut butter 🥜

  • 35ml (~=47g) of maple syrup 🍁 (or honey)

  • 20g of oatmeal

  • 80g of dark chocolate 🍫

  • 60g of plain flour

  • a pinch of backing powder


The cake creation can be conducted as follows:

  1. The bananas (2g) must be mashed and mixed with peanut butter (55g) and maple syrup/honey (35ml ~= 47g).

  2. The plain flour (60g), oatmeal (20g) and a pinch of baking powder shall then be added to the mixture.

  3. The dark chocolate (80g) can turned into chocolate chips and be incorporated.

  4. Baking 25 minutes at 180°C will hopefully result in successful cake depending on the attacker's luck.

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