🍳Omelette du fromage


The French dish "Omelette du fromage" is famously known for its ability to convey strength and resistance to its eaters. Its preparation and consumption is common for fast-paced attackers in need of daily nutrients.

The requirements for this omelette are as follow (for 1 attacker):

  • 2 to 3 eggs 🥚

  • grated cheese 🧀 (the type of cheese is to be set depending on the attacker's mood and local resources)

  • butter

  • option: parsley can be added for improved taste 🌿

A salad bowl, a spatula, a frying pan and a fourchette will be needed to conduct this technique.

During pentesting engagements, cooking and eating an Omelette du fromage will help HACK with ease! 🏴‍☠️


The technique can be operated as follows:

  1. The eggs (2-3) must be broken and "poured" into a salad bowl

  2. Grated cheese can be added (unlimited amount)

  3. Season and salt are then needed for tasting purposes

  4. Mixing the whole content with a spatula will allow to obtain a real omelette

  5. The mixed content from the salad bowl onto the frying pan shall then be operated

  6. Once cooked, closing the omelette will improve presentation but is a risky process and might require experimented attackers to take the lead on this step

  7. Adding parsley is optionnal but can greatly improve taste

  8. Savoring the Omelette du fromage is then possible.

This technique can be combined with the banana & chocolate cake one for a whole meal.


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