Grant ownership

t has the following command-line arguments.This abuse can be carried out when controlling an object that has WriteOwner or GenericAll over any object.

The attacker can update the owner of the target object. Once the object owner has been changed to a principal the attacker controls, the attacker may manipulate the object any way they see fit. For instance, the attacker could change the target object's permissions and grant rights.

From UNIX-like systems, this can be done with Impacket's (Python).

⚠️ At the time of writing, May 14th 2022, the Pull Request (#1323) is still pending. -action write -owner 'attacker' -target 'victim' 'DOMAIN'/'USER':'PASSWORD'

Alternatively, it can be achieved using bloodyAD

bloodyAD --host "$DC_IP" -d "$DOMAIN" -u "$USER" -p "$PASSWORD" set owner $TargetObject $ControlledPrincipal

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