Magisk is a suite of open source software for customizing Android, supporting devices higher than Android 6.0. Some highlight features:

  • MagiskSU: Provide root access for applications

  • Magisk Modules: Modify read-only partitions by installing modules

  • MagiskBoot: The most complete tool for unpacking and repacking Android boot images

  • Zygisk: Run code in every Android applications' processes

(Magisk GitHub repo)


Install Magisk

  1. Download latest APK release at

  2. Install package on the phone

adb install "Magisk-vXX.Y.apk"

Install Magisk modules

  1. Download ZIP module (e.g. MagiskTrustUserCerts, MagiskHide, ...)

  2. Push the archive on the phone

adb push "" "/sdcard/Download"

Once the archive is on the phone's storage, the module can be installed and enabled within the Magisk app

  • Magisk App --> Modules --> Install from storage --> Reboot

  • After reboot, enable the package


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